45 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Blog Traffic

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This article is totally unique article to my other blog article because in this article I share my blogging life all advanced seo Techniques. Yes in this post I will share 45 latest seo Techniques and that will boost your blog traffic. These all strategies are working this time and these all are in white hat seo.

so let’s start the post without waisting time.

Advanced SEO Techniques
Advanced SEO Techniques

Advanced SEO Techniques

#1. Do Not Be Your Opponent Yourself

when I started a Hindi blog then make money online keyword was on-trend its search volume is high but competition is low in the Hindi language. so I start to write an article on this keyword and then I write 4 blog posts on this keyword and I still waiting for the result but I haven’t got any result on this keyword.

because I became my opponent myself. when I write 4 blog posts then my all posts aginst each other. because in the first article I use 5 ways to make money and that article length is low and I didn’t do any seo for that post in the next 2 posts I repeat the same things so I haven’t got any result.

when I write the 4th article then I do full seo and content is 2300+ words I also create backlink and use all strategies who are important for ranking but still I don’t get any result. and the reason is I became my opponent myself.

means I published already 3 articles on the same topic and now I write the fourth article and now if you think seriously I was writing another article to defeat my own article. if I want to rank my fourth article then first I need to beat my first 3 articles.

In the algorithm of Google, my first 3 articles made their place, I had to make the fourth article more than those 3 articles, then only that post could be ranked, that means I am my own competitor I am writing 4 posts on the same keyword. this is my big mistake because when I get new ideas on that topic so I don’t need to write a new blog post rather if I update my 1st post all time. then that post improved from time to time and maybe my post on that keyword will be ranked. so do not be your opponent yourself.


#2. Boost Your Site Speed

site speed is a very important seo strategy and Technique. last year google update his algorithm and they say now site speed is important for seo. because if site speed is slow so the User experience has a bad effect and visitors waste their time in loading. and google never want their user to feel boring on the web. and google also says their purpose is to provide good content to users. so focus on-site speed from today. if you don’t know how to speed up your website so click here for information.


#3. Invest In Blogging

when any new person starts a blog then they do not invest in blogging they think first I earn from blogging then I invest in blogging. this is wrong because when you invest in anything then you return from them. if you buy a good domain name and hosting then your search engine ranking will be improved and you build a brand for your Bussines.

when you buy a domain and hosting so you have more chance to rank on google because you got seo plugins and themes and many more here. so I think investing in blogging is a seo Technique because by investing in blogging you improve your ranking on google.


#4. Use Lsi Keywords

LSI full form is Latent Semantic Indexing and it is the related keyword of our main keyword. for example, my main keyword is seo and the LSI keyword is content seo, blog seo, website seo in the simple words when we use different keywords but their meaning is one then they called LSI keywords.

Benefits Of Lsi Keywords


if we use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in our post then if any person searches seo then they show our result and if they search blog seo, website seo then they also see our result. means our post is ranked on two different keywords so this technique is to improve your seo ranking.


#5. Learn 5 Posts Daily Related To SEO

in the seo, world learning is that key using which you can do anything in seo. for example, if you read 5 posts daily related to seo and in each post, you learn one new point means in a day you learn 5 new techniques of seo and in a month you learn 150 new strategies of seo.

and if you learn already learned point then This will make you repeat and you remember those points again. this seo technique makes you a seo expert.


#6. Use Eye-catching Keywords In The Title

if you create a boring title like – seo – a to z guide for beginners so I don’t think more people will click on it but if you write a title like – seo – the ultimate guide for beginners so here more chances to click on the title. so use eye-catching keywords in the title like 101 tips for, the ultimate guide for, case study, paid in free, these are some eye-catching words. if you want more then first think like a user and then create a unique title.


#7. Document Sharing

many times you see on Facebook that people are selling free courses like digital marketing, affiliate marketing and many more.

they give one site link when you open site they ask for email which at they send you full course link.

this the way to sharing a document and their only one motive and that is collecting emails of users who are interested in that field.

and when they write any post and launch any paid course then they are sending emails to those users who are buying that free course.

by using this their users are increases and also their social sharing and many more thing will be improved and also their ranking will be improved.


#8. Use Numbers In The Title

this is a very unique and profitable seo technique for new and old bloggers because by doing this your CTR is improved.

why you come to my post I think the reason “numbers” and that is 101 when you read title 101 seo techniques so you think that something different from others.

I don’t say use numbers like 4,5,10 etc. I mean to say that use big numbers like 25, 51, 81, 101, etc.

when you use big numbers so people are click because they think not all but some techniques are different from others because you use a big number.

if your post ranked in 5th position then you easily got 1st and 2nd position because when your CTR increased then your ranking also increased.





#9. Don’t Use Black Hat SEO

in the black hat seo, you use wrong ways of seo for rank your post on google like paid backlinks, PBN, keyword stuffing, keyword hiding, etc.

Google never like that blogs who use the black hat seo techniques because of google algorithm are very strong.

and if you are using those techniques so google any time penalize your blog so don’t use it. by the black hat seo your ranking will be improved for some time but any time that ranking removed for all time.


#10. Use Favicon

favicon is a small logo of your brand. see above on my article link you see NA so this is my brand logo.

and google also says in his recently update favicon is a ranking factor and There is a way to remember your brand.


#11. Use TOC

TOC means the table of contents and if you are a blogger then you know already about it and if you don’t know then I explain you

below image is an example of TOC

Seo Techniques


#12. Create A Guest Posting Page On The Blog

if you don’t accept guest posts so start accepting guest posts because by this method you can improve your seo ranking.

in this case, another blogger sends a guest post on your blog and you publish that post on your blog.

the first point is you get a new and fresh post and your blog will be improved okay.

and the second point is you add an outbound link in your blog and this is improved your seo. so guest posting is the technique to improve seo ranking.


#13. Create Good Pages For The Website

pages are very important for your blog seo and ranking and google already says that pages are which tells to users and search engine that,

what is the topic you cover on your website and what you share on your website or blog?

and if you need google Adsense approval that pages are very important for your blog and if you need good search ranking on google so pages are very important.


#14. Read Books

that’s a very interesting seo technique and this is all about content writing I know you don’t understand what I say but below I explain to you.

books are written in a special method and when anybody reads the book they read all thing step by step because Everything in a book is in order.

just think when you read the book you spend lots of time reading the book. because everything in a book is in order and you like it.

and if you copy that strategy for your blog then your content writing skill is amazing ya if you write like a book writer.

and you engage more visitors to your blog and they also like your content too much.

so read per month new books and gain some extra knowledge and also learn their book-writing strategy. and poot on your blog writing.


#15. Get Ready Always For Google Update

if you are a blogger then google algorithm updated is very important for you because in this updated google introduce us with their new algorithm.

Google recently introduced their new update and that update name is core update in this update google change some things so that they give good quality content to users.

and if you are staying updated with google updates then you will change your all seo strategies And you can keep Google happy.


#16. Use Local Seo Techniques In The Article

when you are writing for any particular ara or targeted location then you can use local seo techniques in your article.

if you don’t know local seo techniques so click here for more information.


#17. Use Google Trends

this is another way to keyword research and if you use this way properly so you can boost your traffic in a little time.

if you don’t know how to do keyword research with google trends so see below video


#18. Use Blogging Related Extension On Chrome

many extensions are available for bloggers like keyword anywhere and many more so if you wanna more easily do your blogging so use these.


#19. Write For Users, Not For The Ch Engine

if you want good ranking on google and also want good user experience so first write for humans then for bots.

because when you gain the attention of humans than search engines give rank higher because google also says user first bots second.

if you want to read the post of Neil Patel about this topic so click here and enjoy.


#20. Google Suggest

this is another way to keyword research with google use google suggest for keyword research and for the new post idea.

when you search something on google then google give you suggestion so you can write a post on that suggestion.

so this the unique and fast keyword research way for bloggers.


#21. Add Email Subscriber Box

Adding an email subscription box means setting up a newsletter box.

When you put email subscriber box in your blog, then people who are your regular readers or who like your content,

then They subscribe to the newsletter from your email box so that whenever you post a new article,

their link goes to your newsletter subscriber Gmail.

And when they click on the link, they reach your post, which gives you a backlink from Gmail.

This helps you a lot to rank that post and secondly, you also get good traffic.


#22. Add Notification API

The notification API means subscribing via online email.

In this, you use a notification API on your website and whenever a new visitor comes to your website.

So that notification API shows him a notification and asks him to subscribe. Now if that visitor does yes on sending a notification, then he subscribes to your notification API.

Then whenever you write a new post, its notification will be sent to it but in it.

You have to set the notification by yourself, with the help of which you can send notifications of any new or old post at any time.

This gives you backlinks as well and there is a lot of traffic because you can send a lot of post notification notifications every day.


But keep in mind so many notifications, even the user gets upset and only block the notifications so use little bit notification.


#23. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is in advance seo techniques if you want backlink and traffic then social bookmarking is very important for your blog and it’s also improve your search engine visibility.


#24. Blog Directory Submission

This is my favorite seo technique because by this you can create backlinks from high authority websites and it will improve your blog ranking.


#25. Use Backlink Analysis Tools

If you are finding advance seo technique then backlink analyser is best tip for you because by doing this you you know how many backlinks get your blog and where blog gets backlinks.

#26. Submit All New Blog Post In GSC

If you are creating any new blog then this is one golden tip for you after creating a new blog and setting up all important things then submit new blog on Google search console this technique give you good result.


#27. Use Link Building Tools

Use link building tools or techniques for good seo of your website


#28. Choose 5 Keywords Related To The New Post

When you write any new post then choose 5 related keywords to your new post and use that keywords in your blog post and bold all that related keywords.


#29. Update Constantly (2 Blogs Per Week)

If you want good search engine rankings then publish post on your blog per week because if your blog is updated time to time then google give you good visibility on search engine.


#30. Use Video In The Middle Of The Post

If your competitors is not providing video in post then it’s good news for you because google promote also videos and also you get good rankings in video section. Video is improve your search engine visibility. And if anyone watch videos in your post then your bounce rate is be improved.


#31. do technical seo of a blog

If you want to improve your rankings then do technical seo of your blog it’s give you great experience.


#32. Use Long Infographics.

Info graphics improve your ranking and when anyone read your infographics in your post then your bounce rate is also improved.


#33. Understand Google Bots And Crawlers

If you don’t know how google works and how google bots and crawlers then read google own articles related to its. When you get this important information then you understand why title, meta description and images are important for your blog.


#34. Think Like User

When you write any new blog post then do keyword research and give title simple. First think like user that if you search that thing on Google so how you search. And give that your post title. In upcoming post I’ll give you full information about it.


#35. Use Robots.txt

If you want good search engine visibility then use robots.txt it’s hide your unusual pages or posts.


#36. Create Backlinks

If you need good search engine results then back links are very important for your blog. And if you don’t know importance of backlink then go on Google and read article about it.


#37. Bold Informative Keywords

If you find any keyword related to your mean keyword then bold that keywords and if any line is very important and giving a answer of any question then also bold that.


#38. Use 404 Page

Use 404 pages for deleted post or pages.


#39. Use Useful Plugins

Use useful plugins related to seo like yeost seo and rankmath these are very good plugins for your rankings. These plugins available for wordpress and if your are using blogger then I give you information about blogger seo in upcoming post.


#40. Use AMP

AMP is improve your site speed and ranking and if you want these then use amp plugins or templates for your blog.



#41. Create A Permalink For SEO

If you want to do seo of your blog post then add mean keyword in your post permalink.


#42. Keyword in Summary (Placing The Keywords In First Paragraph)

This is small but very profitable SEO technique for blog post ranking and that is use your main keyword in firs 100 words. and it’ll improve your blog ranking and this is proved in one SEO case study that this is profitable for SEO.


#43. Use Podcast In Article

when you use podcasts in your post then it’s deferent from others and if anyone listen podcast from your post. then it’s improve your bounce rate. And if your bounce rate is low so it’s improve your search engine results.



#44. Check Broken Links

Check broken links of your blog and redirect that on related post.by doing this your blog traffic doesn’t waste and it’s also improve your rankings and give great user experience.


#45> Create Sitemap

If you want to do seo of your blog then create XML or html sitemap of your blog and submit XML sitemap in Google Search Console.


#46. Create A Mobile-friendly Website

Today’s time google promote mobile friendly website because most of users use mobile for searching anything in google so make your website mobile friendly.


Conclusion :-

In this post I share 45 latest Advance SEO Techniques with you these all techniques are very important for any new or old blog. and if you are using these all steps then you’ll get good rankings on search engine results.

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