305 Best New Business Ideas To Start Business Offline And Online At Home | Low Investment Business Ideas

Today is probably going to be one of the most precious days of your life because today I am going to tell you 305 business ideas with the help of which you can do online business and offline business from home and earn good money. In simple words, it is Business Ideas After Lockdown, you can also do all these businesses offline at your home or from a shop because I have given you information about 70 offline business ideas and after that, you have given information about 335 online business ideas.

small business ideas

70 Offline business ideas

First of all, now we will talk about those business ideas that you can cross offline, you can earn a lot of money, even if you are a woman or a teenager, you can do these business sitting at home.

1) Resume service – if in your area not have any resume service then you can start this service. only you need one mobile app and some experience on that and then you can create a resume and print that and give it to the customer. to inform the people you can attach a poster on your home front and give your WhatsApp number.

2) Music lessons – if you have an interest in music and you have good information about music then you can start giving music lessons at home and charge fees monthly or weekly.

3) Pet sitting – you love pets then it’s a very great opportunity for you because many people go to work and no anyone to care for their pets so you can start pets sitting service and charge money hourly, weekly, or monthly.

4) Garden consultant – if you love nature and you have free time in the morning and evening then you can be a garden consultant and charge money.

5) Arts and craft instructor – you have an interest in arts and craft so you can be an Arts and craft instructor in your area and if you have some money then you can start your own Arts and craft offline business.

6) Backyard nursery – if you have open space on your home backyard so you can do Backyard nursery business and sell small tress and earn money. you can also plant fruits there.

7) Toymaker – you have some money then you can start a toy-making factory and earn good money.

8) Toy seller – if you have not able to making toys then you can sell toys. you can go to the children’s park to sell toys and also you can give toys on rent for some time.

9) Oil and soap maker – if you have good money and thinking to start the best business to earn good money then oil and soap making business are very profitable for you. you start it.

10) Oil and soap seller – if you have a shop then you can be an oil and soap seller or dealer in your area.

11) Cloth dealer – if you have an interest in clothes and fashion then you be a clothes dealer in your area and earn good money.

12) Picnic photographer – if you are from ay tourist place then you can start doing photography of tourists and charge money for that.

13) Pet photography – pet photography is the best business for pet lovers you can put a poster with a mobile number on your area about your pet photography business. and when anybody calls you to pet photography you can go to their house for photography.

14) Wedding photographer – if you have photography skills and also you have free time then you can start a wedding photography business in your area and earn good money at free time.

15) Wedding planner – you can also become a wedding planner and earn money for information about how to become a wedding planner click here.

16) Wedding car decoration service – if you have an interest in car decoration ten you can start wedding car decoration service and earn money. you can also decorate the car for any other events.

17) Wedding decoration service – you have good decoration skills then you can be a wedding decorator and charge some fees.

18) Sound for the wedding – you have an interest in sound DJ then you can start a sound business at weddings and other events and earn good money. if you have no sound then you get a sound on rent and start your sound business. after earning good money you can buy your own sound for events.

19) Bakery service at the wedding – if you have bakery making skills then you can convert your skill to the business idea. you can start a bakery service at weddings and earn god money.

20) Give a car on rent at weddings – if you and your friends have a car then you can start giving a car on rent at weddings and charge fees for this and earn money. you can set your own prices for one night.

21) Birthday photographer – if you want to start a part-time business then this business is good for you you can do your work the whole day and at night you can do birthday photography. its not a daily basis work but this business gives you good money. my elder brother also started with this business and he has a big shop of electronics.

22) To give a birthday surprise – yes this is a very interesting and unique business idea. First of all, a person will tell you that you will give a gift or surprise to his friend or relative or child on his birthday so that his birthday will be memorable for him. after doing this you can charge money.

23) Nonmedical home care – If you have full day time then you can start this service. In this, you have to take care of a sick person at home. If you are not free during the day then you can do it at night and charge money. But it is the responsibility of that person on you.

24) Makeup artist – if you have an interest in makeup then you can start this business in your home and earn good money. if you want to learn makeup so open youtube and learn from there.

25) Personal trainer – if you have any skill of anything then you can be a personal trainer and earn money. for example, I have a skill of writing so I can give training to creative writing that how to write that accurately people read and like.

26) Tuition teacher – if you are good in study then you can start this home tuition service and charge money. if you are good at the subject then you can contact with institutes and tell them your experience and if they hire you then you can earn good money.

27) Open toys park – in your area if not have any toys park so this is a very great opportunity for you because you have no competitor so start this business.

28) Open library – study lovers don’t miss this opportunity. you can open the library in a calm place and you Can have three types of membership like monthly – 10$, 6 months – 55$, one year – 100$. and you can earn good money per month if you have only 10 members. pus ten members per month this is your whole month goal. you can also sell books there.

29) Yoga teacher – This is Indian culture but you can learn it from youtube or internet anywhere, you can become a yoga teacher and teach yoga to people every month and you can also tell its benefits, you can earn a lot of money every month. It must be tried once, it says my personal experience

30) Furniture repair and refreshing – if you know furniture repair work (you can also learn from youtube) then you can start this work and earn good money at home. you can do this work on your home or clint home depend on you.

31) Park for handicapped peoples – I think this is also a different business idea. you can start a park for handicapped people and charge fees from their relatives. you can use your home backspace for like this works.

32) Home cleaning service – you have free in the morning then this is very good business for you. you can clean the home of people in the morning and earn good money. you can charge a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as you wish.

33) Bike repair service – If you have learned to repair a bike, (you can also learn from youtube) then it can be a very good business for you, you can start this business outside your home and earn good money in the morning and night.

34) Event and party planner – Do you plan a party or an event in your group, is it your skill, then this is what has to happen, now it can become your business, you can plan different types of parties and events and can charge money in return for it. So you can open a shop or you can do this work by putting up posters and you can also do this work sitting at home.

35) Consultant in any field – If you have good skills in a field, then you can become a consultant in that field and earn a lot of money. Many of my friends are making money right now and they earn 100 to $ 1000 every day. You can start this business, you can take help of Google for more information.

36) Travel planner – If your interest is in travel, then you can become a travel planner and with the help of this, you can earn a lot of money, you can do this work both online and offline, it depends on you. you can contact a travel agency for doing this work.

37) Travel coaching – Travel coaching is a different kind of business, in this, you will be coaching people about travel, how you can make your journey successful, and what things you should avoid and what things should be done. You should have taken all this information from YouTube and Google and you can give it to people and you can earn a lot of money.

38) Life coach – life coaching is also a very good business if you have great experience in your life in any field then you can start this business and earn money.

39) Customer service – You can talk to a company and provide customer care services for them at night or in the day. In this, you will have to talk to those who will complain to that company or get some information from that company, this is a very good part-time job or business in today’s time.

40) Painter – this work also I do in the free time and earn good money and you can’t believe I lean all things from youtube so you can also start this work and earn some money.

41) Laundry business – If there are busy people living in your area, then you can wash their clothes, if in simple words, then you can do your laundry business and you can earn a lot of money from it, you can charge money for a suit as you wish.

42) Proofreading Business Ideas – In today’s time, the book continues to be published and if your interest is in the book, then you can read the book before it is published and you can tell the publisher the mistakes that will come out in it and in return, you can earn money and You can also get information from books together.

43) Cake decorating – you can contact the bakery owner and decorate their cakes and earn some money in return.

44) Virtual assistant – If you are free at any time in your home, then you can talk to a company and work as a virtual assistant.

45) Kids parties – you can arrange kids’ parties and make money in return from their parents.

46) Rent our items – If you have some good things that you have used and now you do not need them, then you can rent those things and then you can make money in return and by doing so you can give money by renting one thing again and again. You can earn and you can charge money according to time.

47) Game studio – If there is no game studio in your area, then you can take advantage of it and open a game studio in your area or city and take money to play a game or play an hour game, this business is very strong in today’s time.

48) Pet groomer – If you like pets very much and like to do their grooming together, then you can start a pet grooming business in your area and earn a lot of money, in this, you can charge money according to one pet grooming.

49) Car washing service – You can start a car washing service anywhere in your city because today almost everyone has cars and if you charge $ 10 to wash one car and if you wash 100 cars a month so you will earn up to $ 1000, this is a small exam. You can earn 10 times more than this.

50) Swimming pool – If you have a lot of money, you can build a swimming pool and you can charge money from those who come to take a bath there.

51) Place add on your car – If you have a car, then you can earn a lot of money by placing an ad on that car, for that you have to go to a new company in your area and tell them that you have a car and you keep coming to the daily city by car, so you can advertising them on your car, you can make them reach people, this way you can earn money from this.

52) Deliver newspaper Business Ideas – In this, first, you have to talk to those who bring the newspaper to the city, after that you have to take the newspaper from house to house and then you get money in return.

53) Become a translator – If you have a good knowledge of any two languages, then you can work as a translator. The need for the translator is mainly the travel agency, then you can talk to them.

54) Train dogs – If you love dogs and know how to train dogs, then you can make this your business and you can train dogs with money, in this, you can make $5000 to train a dog.

55) Electronics repair – If you have taken training in repairing electronic things or you have learned all this from YouTube, then you can make it your business and earn a lot of money from it.

56) Event selling Business Ideas – Event selling means that as the events will come, selling different types of items for those events like selling Christmas goods if Christmas arrives and if Diwali (Indian festival) comes, then selling similar items like Diwali.

You can do event selling and earn a lot of money, you can also sell summer clothes in summer and winter clothes in winter, it can also be named event selling.

57) Work overtime -If you do any kind of work or business, you can earn more money by applying overtime, although it is not a business idea it is a great way to earn more money.

58) Rent out items you already have – You can earn a lot of money by renting things that you have used, such as books.

59) Pet walker or sitter – Many people are very busy and cannot find time for their pets or make them walk, then you can do this work for them and take money from them in return.

60) Custom gift creator – If you know how to make a gift or you have learned from somewhere, then you can also use it for business now, you can make a gift and send it to people and earn a lot of money.

61) Delivery boy Business Ideas – In today’s time, the work of delivery has increased so much, you can work on a holiday like a delivery boy and earn a lot of money, you can talk to a shopkeeper for this.

62) Instructor – you can be an instructor in your field and earn good money.

63) Skill coach – if you have good in any skill then you can become a coach in this field and earn a lot of money. today’s time this is a very popular business.

64) Tailor – You can also earn a lot of money by becoming a teller and you can easily learn tailoring work from YouTube.

65) Farmer – If you have a hobby in farming, you can become a farmer and earn a lot of money by selling vegetables, you can use the back of your house for farming.

66) Household items sellerClick here for information on how you can earn very good money by becoming a household item seller.

67) Bookseller – You can earn a lot of money by opening a books shop in front of a library school or college, you can rent the shop every month.

68) Pet seller – In today’s time, there is a lot of craze of pets. People are reaping more and more pets, so if you get female pets then you can earn a lot of money when she gives birth to children.

69) Mineral water seller – If you sell mineral water in summer, that too, sitting under the umbrella somewhere on the road, then you can earn a lot of money and later you can make a big business and be very successful.

70) Event shopkeeper – As the time of the event comes, you will start selling the items of that event at your shop, then it is a very good way to earn money 12 months of the year.

335 Online business ideas

Now we will talk about the ways with which we can earn money online from home, using these Business Ideas you can earn money online at home from your mobile or laptop,

here I have given you 305 such Business Ideas with the help of You can earn money sitting at home online and you can start these business ideas from anywhere, you can also do these business ideas in part time and even in the full time, it depends on you. so lets introduce with Business Ideas.


71) Freelancing – Freelancing is the best way to do online business and earn money. By freelancing you can earn very good money, in which you have to do the work of another person and in return, you have to take money from it, a website does the work to make you work. Watch the video below for more information.


72) Blogging Business Ideas– When online, you give information through the website to someone like I am giving you, then it is called blogging. You can earn a lot of money from blogging. Click here for more information.

73) Affiliate marketing Business Ideas – Affiliate marketing is my most favorite business idea in online business ideas, in which you have to get the product sold from another company, and in return, you get the commission.


74) YouTuber – In today’s time, YouTube has been the best on the trend, so if you have some skills, then you can share them with the world by making videos on YouTube and when you have got a lot of views, you also get a lot of money.

75) Start an online store – If you want to sell something online, then you can open a store on the online shopyify and sell your goods.

76) Graphics and design – if you have skills to create graphics and design then you can earn lot of money from the internet. first of all, choose any one freelancing website and then earn money.

77) Pad reviews – From online websites on the Internet, which gives you a lot of money for giving you paid reviews, this business idea can get you more money in less time.

78) Paid do watch videos – There are many such platforms available on the internet, where you only get paid to watch videos, for this you can also download apps from the play store.

79) Content writer Business Ideas – This is the business or work that I have done, you can become an online content writer, which means you can write for others and earn money like you can charge 5 $ for writing 1k words.


80) Translator – You can work as an online translator in which you can translate any article or video and you can make money in return, for this you can join freelancing website

81) Logo Design – If you know how to design a logo, then you can earn a lot of money online, for this you can post in Facebook groups that you know how to create a logo or can create your own website or use the freelance website.

82) Brand Style Guides – you can provide brand style guides and earn a lot of money.

83) Business Cards & Stationery – The business of business cards and stationery is on a boom in today’s time, you can also do it and earn money.

84) Gaming – If you play a game very well, then you can make a YouTube channel and put your gaming videos there and earn a lot of money, later the companies will also give you sponsorship so that you can earn more money.

85) Game Design – If you have knowledge of gaming design, then you can inform the game makers or you can make a game design yourself and you can earn a lot of money by selling that design to the company.

86) Graphics for Streamers – you can create graphics for streamers and earn a lot of money, for this work you can choose freelancing websites.

87) Twitch Store – If you have very good followings then you can make your merchandise on twitch and earn very good money.

88) Art & Illustration – If you have an interest in art and illustration, then you can do this work for others by joining an online freelance website and earn very good money.

89) Pattern Design – If you know how to make a pattern design like the photo below, then you can earn a lot of money by making it for others on the freelancing website


90) Tattoo Design – If you know how to make tattoo design then you can design it for others on online freelance websites and make money, this is a very good online business idea.

91) Portraits & Caricatures – If you know how to make Portraits & Caricatures, then you can earn a lot of money because, in today’s time, Portraits & Caricatures are very much needed, you can also share it on social media and make for others and make money online.

You can earn money by making it on the freelance website too, you can earn up to $ 1000 every month.

92) Cartoons & Comics – The business of online cartoons and comics is huge if you have an interest in cartoons and comics and if you know how to make, then you can earn thousands or millions of dollars every month from it.

93) Storyboards – If you make storyboards, then this is very good news for you is that you can earn money by making it online for people and social media is the best platform to tell people about it, you can also use freelance websites.


94) Visual Design – If you can make different types of visual designs, then you can earn a lot of money for this, you can talk to us in the comments because we also need some people who make visual designs.

95) Photoshop Editing Business Ideas – If you know Photoshop editing then you can earn a lot of money, you can earn money by sharing it on social media and you can earn money by working for people on freelancing websites.

96) Presentation Design – if you know how to design a presentation then go to freelancer website and earn money by working for others.

97) Infographic Design – If you know how to design infographics, then you can earn a lot of money for this, you can also use social media because many big companies sometimes need people to design infographics. and you can also use freelance websites.

98) Resume Design – if you have skill to design a resume then you need to go on social media platforms and freelancer websites for marking money by this skill.

99) Vector Tracing – Many times the big company is looking for people to get vector tracing done. In this, you just have to give a little shine to 1 logo and you have to make money in return, the example in the image below.


100) Packaging & Labels – If you have a good knowledge of Packaging & Labels, then you can earn a lot of money by joining the freelance website.

101) book cover design – If you know how to design books cover then it can be a very good business for you. You can sell books cover by using the freelance website and social media or by creating your own website and make money for making others.

102) Album Cover Design – If you know to design, you can also make news for the album and earn a lot of money, you can do all these things from freelance websites and also from social media.

103) Podcast Cover Art – You can earn a lot of money by making podcast cover dough, you can also use social media freelancer site for this

104) Packaging Design – You can also earn very good money by making a good design of the packing material of the company’s product, for this you can use freelancer and social media.


105) Car Wraps – you can create Car Wraps design and sell online and earn good money.

106) Web & Mobile – You can earn a lot of money by creating a store online and selling mobile there, for that you can use affiliate marketing.

107) Web & Mobile Design – If you know to design, you can earn a lot of money by designing website and designing mobile grave design, for this you can take help from social media or use freelance website.

108) Social Media Design – you can create social media banners and earn good money.

109) AR Filters & Lenses – If you know how to use AR filters and lenses, then you can make money by editing photos of people on social media and in return.

110) Banner Ads Business Ideas – if you have knowledge about creating banners ads then you can earn lot of money by doing this work on freelancing websites.


below given all online works you can do on one freelance website if you want to do any work then click here


111) Architecture & Building Design 
112) Architecture & Interior Design
113) Landscape Design
114) Building Information Modeling
115) Trade Booth Design
116) Product & Characters Design

117) Industrial & Product Design
118) Character Modeling
119) Print Design
120) Flyer Design
121) Brochure Design
122) Poster Design
123) Catalog Design
124) Menu Design
125) Postcard Design
126) Invitation Design
127) Social Media Marketing
128) SEO
129) Surveys
130) Music Promotion
131) Web Traffic
132) Web Analytics
133) Social Media Advertising
134) Local SEO
135) Influencer Marketing
136) E-Commerce Marketing
137) Mobile Marketing & Advertising
138) Marketing Strategy
139) Public Relations
140) Content Marketing
141) Video Marketing
142) Email Marketing

143) Crowdfunding
144) SEM
145) Podcast Marketing
146) Book & eBook Marketing
147) Domain Research
148) Character Animation
149) 3D Product Animation
150) Lyric & Music Videos


151) Spokespersons Videos
152) eLearning Video Production
153) Screencasting Videos
154) Game Trailers
155) Book Trailers


animation Business Ideas

156) Animation for Streamers
157) Video & Animation
158) Subtitles & Captions
159) Visual Effects
160) Animation for Kids
161) Slideshows Videos
162) Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

163) Video Editing (Business Ideas)
164) Short Video Ads
165) Animated GIFs
166) Logo Animation
167) Article to Video
168) Real Estate Promos
169) Product Photography
170) Local Photography
171) Intros & Outros
172) App & Website Previews
173) Live-Action Explainers
174) Music & Audio

175) Voice Over
176) Mixing & Mastering
177) Producers & Composers
178) Singers & Vocalists
179) Session Musicians
180) Online Music Lessons
181) Songwriters
182) Podcast Editing
183) Audiobook Production
184) Audio Ads Production

185) DJ Drops & Tags (Business Ideas)
186) Dialogue Editing
187) Music Transcription
188) Vocal Tuning
189) Jingles & Intros
190) Sound Effects
191) Programming & Tech
192) WordPress
193) Website Builders & CMS
194) E-Commerce Development
195) Game Development

196) Development for Streamers
197) Mobile Apps
198) Web Programming
199) Desktop Applications
200) Online Coding Lessons (Business Ideas)
201) Chatbots
202) Cybersecurity & Data Protection
203) Support & IT
204) Data Analysis & Reports
205) Convert Files

206) Databases
207) User Testing
208) E-Commerce Management(Business Ideas)
209) Virtual Assistant
210) Data Entry
211) Market Research
212) Business Plans

213) Project Management
214) HR Consulting
215) Branding Services
216) Legal Consulting
217) Financial Consulting
218) Business Consulting
219) Presentations
220) Career Counseling
221) Flyer Distribution
222) Lead Generation
223) Lifestyle
224) Online Lessons
225) Fitness Lessons
226) Arts & Crafts (Business Ideas)
227) Cooking Lessons
228) Craft Lessons
229) Relationship Advice

230) Health, Nutrition & Fitness
231) Astrology & Readings
232) Spiritual & Healing
233) Family & Genealogy


Business Ideas for collage students

Business Ideas
Business Ideas

234) Gaming
235) Greeting Cards & Videos
236) Your Message On…
237) Viral Videos
238) Celebrity Impersonators
239) Collectibles
240) Traveling
241) Build your game
242) Game Creation
243) Game Development
244) Gaming
245) Game Design
246) Character Design
247) Game Coaching
248) Game Sessions
249) Video Editing
250) Twitch
251) Game Trailers
252) User Testing

Business Ideas
Business Ideas

253) Gamers & Streamers
254) Graphics for Streamers
255) Producers & Composers
256) Sound Effects
257) Character Modeling
258) Character Animation
259) Animation for Streamers
260) Shopify Expert
261) WooCommerce Expert
262) Magento Expert
263) Amazon Expert
264) eBay Expert
265) Etsy Expert
266) E-Commerce Marketing
267) Marketing Strategy
268) Social Media Marketing
269) Press Releases
270) Marketplace Listing
271) Product Descriptions
272) Product Photography
273) E-Commerce


website Business Ideas

274) Find everything you need to grow your e-commerce business.
275) Online Store
276) Website Creation
277) Website Design
278) Website Content
279) Technical SEO
280) Mobile Development
281) Dropshipping
282) Photoshop Editing
283) Product Research (Business Ideas)
284) Product Listing SEO
285) Influencer Marketing
286) Short Video Ads
287) Social Media Design
288) Podcast Show Notes
289) Podcast Cover Art
290) Podcast Intros & Jingles
291) Podcast Content
292) Advertising within Podcasts (Business Ideas)
293) Podcasting

294) Podcast Editing
295) Podcast Promotion
296) Planning & Design
297) 3D Modeling & Rendering
298) Planning & Design

299) Building Information Modeling
300) Architecture & Interior Design
301) 2D Drawing & Floor Plans
302) 3D Modeling & Rendering
303) Diagrams & Mapping
304) Landscape Design
305) 2D Drawing & Site Plan

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so in this article i share 305 new offline and online business ideas to make money online and offline at home these all business ideas are work pr0perly in today’s time and these all ideas worked on any place. so if you want to make money at home in free so these business ideas is only for you.


and one more thing for these business ideas you have’nt need any money you can start these all ideas from your home in free of cost. but some ideas need investing like toys business, oil business and others like these because in these ideas first of all you need to buy products and after buying product you can sale them on you city or online platform.

and if you are thinking to start online selling business and you can’t afford money then you can choose social media for promoting your products and you can take your clint address on social media and send product for them.

you can use facebook, whatsapp and other social media platforms, first of all click photo and then uplode photo with product price and if anybody like you product they send their details and you can send product to them and make money.

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