motivational books in marathi pdf free download – marathi motivational book


motivational books in Marathi pdf free download – Marathi motivational book

Sarvotkrushta Bananyache Super Powerful Mantra: Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them – Marathi
सर्वोत्कृष् बनय्ये सुपर शक्तिशाली मंत्र: आपल्या मर्यादा जाणून घ्या मग त्याकडे दुर्लक्ष करा – मराठी

हे पुस्तक तुम्हाला…

तुम्ही जे आहात तेच असण्याचे धाडस ठेवायला शिकवेल.

नेहमी हसायला आणि रागाला विश्रांती द्यायला शिकवेल.

तुम्ही पाहू शकता त्यापेक्षा पुढे जायला शिकवेल.

संधीचे सोने करायला शिकवेल.

तुम्ही जितके वेळ खाली पडाल त्यापेक्षा एक वेळा अधिक उठायला शिकवेल.

हे आणि असेच आणखी ९६विचाररत्न या पुस्तकात आहेत. हे विचाररत्न तुम्ही अंगीकारल्यास तुम्हीही अमर्याद यश आणि आनंद मिळवू शकता.

motivational books in Marathi pdf free download – Marathi motivational book

You are subject to daily limits. Every day we have the option to accept or reject them. This book is written to attack the boundaries that hold you back as what you can be. I think that each of us has a purpose or a purpose, and to achieve that goal we must “pull the peg that holds us back.”

Desire is like sowing. So some things and those things start growing. Deep or intense desire not only creates opportunities for oneself, it also creates intelligence or special skills in us; Also, the right approach changes your abilities.

What do you do with a smile on your face. This increases the value of your face. When your enthusiasm increases, the stress and fear in your life disappears; Because there is a lot of power in a hurry.

To believe in your strong will is to believe in your bright future. It is not true that what is visible only to the naked eye exists. (Terence Deal) Love what you do, so you will keep doing better, bigger things.

“The powerful pearls of truth in John Mason’s book are the best food for the soul goose. Get ready to open the bottle of limited thinking and prepare your own recipe for boundless bliss and success.”

– Mark Victor Hansen

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

In an era of increasing competition, everyone wants to be the best. Everyone is struggling for it, trying their best. Do you want to be the best you can be? Then read John Mason’s book ‘Super Powerful Mantra to the Best’. This will guide you to identify your limitations and overcome them. The 101 oddities mentioned by Mason in this book will surely help you overcome difficulties, reach new heights in life, make your dreams come true and become the best.

motivational books in Marathi pdf free download – Marathi motivational book

This book gives you …

It will dare you to learn who you are.

It will always teach you to laugh and let go of anger.

Will teach you to go beyond what you want to see.

Teach gold making of opportunity.

This will teach you to get up once more than when falling down.

This and 96 other oddities are in this book. If you adopt this strangeness, you too can achieve immense success and happiness.

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